Individual Coaching (Personal, Professional, & Executive Coaching)

Ready to further develop and enlighten yourself? Then coaching services are right up your alley! Whether it is understanding and developing within your current career, looking to understand what career best suits you, or even simply understanding how to communicate and influence others more effectively, this is the product for you.

Coaching services are offered in-person (in the Dallas-Fort Worth area), virtual (Webex), and by phone. Connect by clicking here to setup which avenue is most convenient for you. Prices vary depending on type and delivery method.

How will this help you?

♦ Tailored one on one sessions to meet your individual needs—such as career guidance, relationship improvement, problem solving, and more.

♦ Review and discuss specific life problems in order to identify and implement practical, meaningful solutions.

♦ How’s it working out? Follow up on solutions and how they can be further improved.