Personality Styles – Family/Relationship Assessment

This is an excellent next step in building upon what you and those closest to you learned during your individual Personality Styles Assessment. This product and service combines your Personality Styles’ and Assessments’ reports together in order to showcase the similarities and differences of your individual styles. This assessment includes 2 or more people (who have already completed the individual Personality Styles Assessment).

This package includes a highly robust professional survey analysis between the various styles included, team/relationship results report, and a group results review and coaching session.

How will this help you?

♦ Learn why your family (or partner) acts and communicates the way they do.

♦ Comprehensively understand how your personality style and the styles of the ones closest to you relate and differ.

♦ Includes a 2-hour, tailored discussion session so that you can understand what you learned, identify insights, and leverage them to positively impact your relationships.

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